Goods & Services

goods & services

House & Home

Enhance your home's habitability with hand-crafted wares built to fit your specific need, space and style. Built to last. Built with care.
  • Shelving: Built-in, Free-standing, Folding,
    Pantry, Storage
  • Custom Tables
  • Wooden Furniture Repair
  • Select Handyman Services

Garden & Yard

Our garden and yard wares are functional, visually appealing and built to last. We can start from the ground up or enhance what you have.
  • Raised and Elevated Raised Garden Beds
    (with or without Drip Systems)
  • Hail, Wind and Rodent Protection
  • Garden Preparation & Winterization
  • Compost Bins
  • Gabion (Stone & Wire) Structures
  • Yard Benches

small pet

Reduce stress for you AND your pet—relieve boredom, expand freedom, and provide "instinctive activities" in a safe, more natural environment.
  • Indoor Cat Trees and Perches
  • Predator Resistant Outdoor Enclosures
  • Enclosed Catwalk Access Tunnels
  • Installation of Pet Doors and Pet Door Window Inserts
  • Installation of Pet-Resistant Screen in Doors & Windows

can't find exactly what you want?

Wrong size? Not the right shape? Color not available? With a reference photo and some planning, there's a good chance Nest & Sprout can custom build the item you want to perfectly fit your needs.